The Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers, better known as the Stationers' Company; it is 47th in order of precedence.

One of the Livery Companies of the City of London.

  • 1403 It was established
  • 4 May 1557 it received a Royal Charter on– by then it was in effect a Printers' Guild.
  • It held a monopoly over the publishing industry and was officially responsible for setting and enforcing regulations until the passage of the Statute of Anne in 1709.
  • In 1559, it became the 47th
  • In 1695, the monopoly power of the Stationers' Company was diminished
  • 1710 Parliament passed the Copyright Act 1709, the first copyright act.
  • 1937, a Royal Charter amalgamated the Stationers' Company and the Newspaper Makers Company, which had been founded six years earlier, into the Company of the present name.

Its hall is Abergavenny House in Ave Maria Lane near Ludgate Hill

Notable members of the Company include:

  • Augustine Matthews
  • Edward Allde
  • George Eld
  • Nicholas Okes
  • Peter Short
  • Richard Field
  • Thomas Cotes
  • William Stansby

The website is [1] and the Wikipedia page is [2].

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