One of the Livery Companies of the City of London. is ranked at 4th in the order of precedence.

Its motto is Al Worship Be To God Only (shared with Gresham's School)

1154 predecessor guild was fined as adulterine.

It received its first Royal Charter in 1272. although it probably existed earlier

1272 it received its first Royal Charter.

1383, Lord Mayor John de Northampton persuaded the City's Common Council to declare that the fishmongers had no power to monopolise the trade in fish: this was confirmed by Parliament.

1399 In a Royal Charter granted to the fishmongers by Richard II all their privileges were restored. By the same Charter, they were to elect six Wardens, the number which continues to the present day.

1508 Royal Charter which led to the name Stock Fishmongers' Company being adopted.

In 1537, it combined with the Salt Fishmongers' Company to form the Company of the present name.

Its hall is Fishmongers' Hall, at London Bridge, Bridge Ward: the earliest recorded hall was built in 1310.

The most famous fishmonger is Sir William Walworth, who, as Lord Mayor of the City of London in 1381, ended the Peasants' Revolt by stabbing the rebel Wat Tyler to death at Smithfield in the presence of King Richard II.

From 1555, the Company has acted as the trustee of Gresham's School in Holt, Norfolk, in accordance with the wishes of Lord Mayor Sir John Gresham (1492-1556). Among other things, the Company provides more than half of the school's governors, including the chairman of the governing body, which meets at Fishmongers' Hall.

1714, the Irish actor Thomas Doggett – a liveryman of the Company – gave money to endow a boat race called Doggett’s Coat and Badge Race in honour of the new king, George I of Hanover. Since Doggett's death, the Fishmongers' Company has organised this event annually, and it is now believed to be the world's longest continually-running sporting event and also the world's longest boat race: 4 miles, 5 furlongs (7,400 m).

The website is [1] and the Wikipedia page is [2].

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