The Worshipful Company of Curriers

One of the Livery Companies of the City of London. and is ranked at 29th in the order of precedence.

Its motto is Spes Nostra Deus (Our Hope is in God).

  • It was established in 1272 when the Mistery of Curriers became a trade association
  • In the 14th century the Curriers constituted themselves into a guild and religious fraternity in association with the Carmelite Friars in Fleet Street.
  • In 1415 they obtained their ordinances by an act of Common Council: these gave them full autonomy.
  • By 1580 the Guild of Curriers was recognised as a Livery Company of the City of London
  • 1583 The Company became armigerous.
  • This organisation became a Company under a Royal Charter of incorporation in 1605
  • After the sale of its sixth and last hall in 1921 it moved in with its longstanding trade and Livery partner, the Worshipful Company of Cordwainers, with whom it still enjoys a close relationship.
  • Along with many other Livery Halls, Cordwainers' Hall in Cannon Street was itself destroyed by enemy action in 1941 and since then the Curriers' have been without their own Hall.
  • From 1942 onwards the Company has been housed at Tallow Chandlers' Hall, where it holds its Court meetings.

Its area of coverage is Leather industries.

Its hall is Tallow Chandlers' Hall, Dowgate Hill, London the Company built no less than six Curriers' Halls in the City

The website is [1] and the Wikipedia page is [2].

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