One of the Livery Companies of the City of London. and is ranked at 24 in the order of precedence.

Its motto is Omnia Subiecisti Sub Pedibus, Oves Et Boves, (Thou Hast Put All Things Under Man's Feet, All Sheep and Oxen) from the Book of Psalms.

  • Records indicate that an organization of Butchers existed as early as 975
  • The Butchers' Guild, the direct predecessor of the present Company, was granted the right to regulate the trade in 1331
  • 1605 The Butchers' Guild was incorporated by Royal Charter centuries later.

The Company's present Hall dates from 1960.

Notable members of the Company include:

HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother was admitted as an Honorary Freeman of the Company in March 1976, continuing a link with the Monarchy that started with King James I in 1605; she took a constant interest in "Her Butchers"! Following The Queen Mother's death in March 2002, her granddaughter, HRH The Princess Royal was admitted to the Honorary Freedom of the Company (February 2003). Like the Queen Mother, the Princess Royal takes a keen interest in Company affairs, currently serving as its Master (2011–12).

St Bartholomew-the-Great is the Butchers' adopted Church

The website is [1] and the Wikipedia page is [2].

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