William Sutton Gover (17 November 1822 - 24 November 1894) was a businessman and local politician.

Gover entered business as a brushmaker, later moving into property. He subsequently became an actuary and managing director of the British Equitable Assurance Company and chairman of the House Property & Investment Co. and of the Perpetual Investment Building Society.

He was elected to the common council of the City of London for Vintry ward and served as one the city's representatives on the London School Board from 1870-1873 and from 1876-1882. He was also a freemason and active High Church Anglican.

His brother, Henry Gover, was also a director of the British Equitable Assurance Company and of the school board.

He was the author of Facts and Figures about Life Assurance, published in 1893.[1] He was also a notable chess player.[2]

He died at his residence "Casino House", Herne Hill in November 1894 aged 72, and was buried at Nunhead Cemetery.[3]

Mention here [1].


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