Portrait from "The Graphic", 12 May 1888.

William Shepherd
(c.1838 - 20 April 1919) was a builder and local politician in the Bermondsey area.

Shepherd established his business at 38 Tower Bridge Road and at one time was president of the London Master Builders Association.

He became involved in the civic affairs of his native parish as a vestryman and poor law guardian: he held the post of chairman of both the Bermondsey Vestry and Board of Guardians for an extended period.

From 1881, until its abolition in 1889, he was Bermondsey's representative on the Metropolitan Board of Works.

He died at his home in Clapham Park in 1919, aged 81. A ward in the Middlesex Hospital, funded by a bequest in his will, was named in his memory.


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