424px-William Henry Smith (1825–1891)

William Henry Smith

William Henry Smith (24 June 1825 – 6 October 1891) was a bookseller, newsagent and Conservative Party politician.[1]

He joined the family firm of W H Smith & Sons in 1846, expanded the firm and introduced the practice of selling books and newspapers at railway stations.

He was member of parliament for Westminster from 1868–85 and Strand from 1885-91.

He was a member of the London School Board, elected for Westminster 1870 and 1873, resigning on 21 November 1874 when he was appointed Financial Secretary to the Treasury. He subsequently held a number of ministerial positions including First Lord of the Treasury and Leader of the House of Commons.

On retirement from parliament he was appointed Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, dying shortly afterwards at Walmer Castle.

The Wikipedia page is [1] and for his father [2].


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