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William Henry Le May (29 June 1851 – 22 December 1924) was a hop factor who was briefly a member of the London County Council.

Born in Limehouse, he was the son of a brewer, William Henry Lemay or Le May (1830–76) and Emma Maria née Acock.

In 1873 he married Maria Louisa Brown. He subsequently established a hop factoring partnership "W.H. and H. Le May" with his brother Herbert.

He settled in Lewisham, and became a member of Lewisham Borough Council, serving as Mayor of Lewisham in 1911-12. During the First World War was co-opted to fill a casual vacancy in the representation of Lewisham on the London County Council. He served for less than a year from 8 May 1915 until 21 March 1916.

He died at his home in Grove Park, aged 73.


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