William Davies (1841-29 December 1923) was a Welsh-born developer and local politician active in the Battersea area.

The eldest son of William Davies of Penquarel near Aberystwyth, he moved to London and was largely responsible for the development of the Battersea Park area.

In 1888 the parish of Battersea, previously under the administration of the Wandsworth District Board of Works, was constituted a separate local authority. When the new Battersea Vestry was elected, Davies became its first chairman. In the following year he stood for election to the first London County Council as an independent, but came last of six candidates in the Battersea Electoral Division with only 54 votes.

Davies continued as a vestryman and in 1895 had joined the Liberal-aligned Progressive Party who controlled the county council. At the 1895 county council election he was elected as a Progressive councillor representing Battersea. He was re-elected five times, holding office until 1913.

In 1900 the Battersea Vestry was abolished and replaced with the Metropolitan Borough of Battersea, and Davies became the first Mayor of Battersea.


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