William Coulson Parkinson (4 September 1841 - 29 December 1912) was a gas meter manufacturer and politician.

The son of William Parkinson, an engineer from St Luke's and his wife Mary. In 1847 his father took over the Birmingham-based business S&J Crosley, meter manufacturers, which became W Parkinson & Co. By the age of 19 William Coulson he was living in Holloway and was working for his father's company and by 1871 had taken over the business and was employing 130 men. In 1900 the firm was merged with W & B Cowan to become Parkinson Cowan, a brand name still in use by Electrolux.

He sat as a Progressive Party of the London County Council representing Islington North from the council's creation in 1889 until he stood down in 1907.

He died at his home, Carleton House, Hillfield Avenue, Hornsey.

Sued for damages for slander by the Royal Aquarium [1].

Mention here [2]