Major (William) Burton Stewart (27 December 1872 - 4 June 1936).

Born in Scotland he was the son of James Stewart, co-founder of the firm of A & J Stewart, tubemakers. He qualified as an advocate of the Scottish Bar in 1898 but never practised. He served in the Imperial Yeomanry during the Second Anglo-Boer War. In 1905 he entered Conservative Party politics as private secretary to the then Secretary of State for Scotland. In 1906 he unsuccessfully stood for election to parliament.

In 1907 he was elected to the London County Council as a Municipal Reform Party councillor representing Hackney Central, serving a single three-year term. He took up a post with an engineering contractor's company and moved to Canada.

With the outbreak of war in 1914 he returned to Scotland and joined the Lothians and Border Horse, later commanding a battalion of the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.

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