Sir William Bousfield (9 July 1842 - 7 August 1910) was a barrister and public servant.

Born in London, Bousfield was admitted to Merton College, Oxford in 1862. He graduated with a degree in law and history and then entered the Middle Temple and was called to the bar in 1868, but never practised. In 1870 he married Blanche Isabel Onslow.

He took a particular interest in women's higher education and was chairman of the Girl’s Public Day Schools Trust. He became a member of the Kensington Board of Guardians, and chairman of Committee of Central Poor Law Conferences for England and Wales. In 1874 he was appointed to the committee of King's College Hospital. With Sir Charles Trevelyan (Wikipedia page [1] and Timothy Holmes FRCS he founded the Metropolitan Provident Dispensaries Association to provide medical facilities for the poor.

Bousfield was elected to the London School Board in 1882 to represent Chelsea, and was re-elected in 1885. He retired from the board in 1888 due to ill health, although he maintained connections as representative of the City and Guilds of London Institute on the joint committee on manual training. He was also chairman of the Representative Managers of London Board Schools and of their successors the Representative Managers of London County Council Elementary Schools.

In 1904-1905 Bousfield was Master of the Worshipful Company of Clothworkers, and was knighted in 1905 for his service to educational administration in London.

He died at his London residence, 20 Hyde Park Gate, in August 1910, aged 68.

Mention here [2].


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