William Archibald Ottley Juxon Bell (1919-10 March 2005)[1] was a banker and local politician.

Born 1919 as William Archibald Ottley Bell, he was the son of Major William Archibald Juxon Bell and Isabel Maude née Ottley. He assumed the additional surname of Juxon in 1944.[2]

Conservative Party member of the Greater London Council: Kensington and Chelsea 1970 – 1973; Chelsea 1973 – March 31, 1986 Committee Chair Historic Buildings 24 May 1977

Some information here [1].

In 1980 the Greater London Council established the Heritage of London Trust as a body to help restoration of neglected or ruined buildings and monuments in London. The body survived the abolition of the GLC in 1986 and continues to exist. Bell was a founder member, serving as chairman of the trust until 1996, and president thereafter. He was High Sheriff of Oxfordshire for 1978.


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