Vera Dart (5 January 1892 - 1 April 1984) was a social worker and Labour Party politician.

Born in Liverpool, she worked on the land during the First World War. From 1939 to 1942 she was Women's Voluntary Service administrator for North West England. She was awarded the OBE in the 1941 Birthday Honours. She subsequently worked as welfare officer for the Ministry of Works, setting up canteens on open-cast mining sites.

She became active in the Labour Party and unsuccessfully contested the parliamentary seats of Tonbridge at the the 1945 General Election and Southgate in 1950.

In 1946 she was elected to the London County Council to represent Hammersmith South. She lost the seat at the next council election in 1949 but was to remain a member of the council as an alderman until 1955. She was Chairman of the L.C.C. Children's Committee from 1949-52.

From 1951-52 she was a member of the Central Training Council on Child Care, and in 1958 she was appointed a member of the Council on Tribunals, representing social services. She resigned from the post in 1963.

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