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Tooting Junction railway station (Tooting, Merton & Wimbledon Railway) was a station in Tooting on the Merton branch of that railway. It was opened in 1868. It also served one line from Wimbledon into Central London.

In 1894 to better handle the volume of traffic it was re-sited slightly east and in 1938 it became Tooting Station. After the closure of the Merton branch to passengers in 1929 the junction was removed and freight traffic served the small goods yard until 1975.

After closure the station building survived as a private dwelling until demolished in 2004, new houses were built on the site. Fragments of the platforms remain, and the original footbridge is still used as a pedestrian bridge over the railway. The former goods yard and part of the trackbed towards Merton Abbey is now the site of a Lidl supermarket.

The Disused Stations page is [2].

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