Thomas Brushfield (16 February 1798 - September 1875) was a businessman and local politician.

Born in Derbyshire, he moved to London where he established himself as an "oil and colour man" or paint manufacturer, in Union Street, Spitalfields. He later became chairman of the Commercial Gas Company which served much of East London.

He was involved in local affairs as treasurer of the parish of Christchurch, Spitalfields, chairman of the Whitechapel Board of Guardians, member of the vestry and from 1865 until his death was the representative of the Whitechapel District Board on the Metropolitan Board of Works. A member of Whitechapel Borad of Guardians, he represented the area on the Metropolitan Asylums Board. He was also a justice of the peace and a lieutenant of the Tower of London.

Part of Union Street was renamed Brushfield Street in 1870 in his honour [1].

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