Canon Thomas Birkett Dover (c.1846 - 23 December 1926) was a Church of England clergyman.

Born in Liverpool, he was the son of Thomas Dover, Mayor of Liverpool in 1869-70. He was educated at the Royal Institution, Liverpool and Exter College, Oxford before being ordained as a priest.

He first served as curate at St John the Divine, Vassal Road, Kennington. At that time there was a split in the congregation between Protestant "Low Church" adherents and "High Church" worshippers following the Catholic tradition. A new parish of St Agnes, Kennington, was formed in 1874, with services conducted according to "High Church" rituals. Dover was appointed the first vicar of St Agnes's, and remained at the parish for twenty years.

He was a member of the London School Board, representing Lambeth West 1891-1894.

In 1894 he became vicar of Old Malden, Surrey. In 1917 he became rector of Shenley, Hertfordshire, retiring in 1920. He was an honorary canon of Southwark Cathedral.

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