Thomas Arthur Organ (1859 - 3 July 1911) was a barrister and local politician.

Born in Gloucestershire, he was the son of Thomas Richard Organ, a stonemason, and his wife Mary née Mills. He became a certified schoolteacher in his native village of Painswick before moving to Islington by 1881. He studied law and became a barrister in Upper Holloway by 1885.

He was a Progressive Party member of the London County Council representing Lambeth, Kennington 1895-1901 and for St Pancras East 1901-04.

By 1907 he had changed his allegiance to the Municipal Reform Party, and stood for election to the LCC at St Pancras East. Although the Municipal Reformers took countrol of the county council, Organ was not elected.

Author of Report of the special sub-committee on commercial education. (Adopted by the Technical education board, 20 February 1899.) (1899) Paperback – 1 Jan 1899

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