Thomas Alfred Jenkinson (28 November 1911 - November 1994) was a Labour Party politician active in the East Ham area.

A member of East Ham Coropration, he was the last mayor of East Ham in 1964-65. He was elected unopposed to the successor Newham London Borough Council to represent the South Ward in 1964, he was re-elected against strong Conservative Party opposition in 1968 when Labour struggled to maintain control of the borough. He was comfortably re-elected in 1971 and 1974. Following boundary changes in 1978 he was elected as a councillor representing Custom House and Silvertown Ward. He did not stand at the next borough council elections in 1982.

He also sat as a member of the Greater London Council representing Newham North East from 1973–1977 and Newham South from 1977–1981.

In 1990 he returned to Newham Council as a councillor for South Ward. There was a strong challenge from both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, with the Lib Dems winning one of the three seats in the ward. He held the seat at the 1994 borough council election, dying in office.

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