The Daily News was a national daily newspaper in the United Kingdom from 1846-1870.

The News was founded in 1846 by Charles Dickens, who also served as the newspaper's first editor. It was conceived as a Radicalism (historical)|radical rival to the right-wing Morning Chronicle.

In 1901, Quaker chocolate manufacturer George Cadbury bought The Daily News and used the paper to campaign for old age pensions and against sweatshop labour. As a pacifist, Cadbury opposed the Boer War – and the Daily News followed his line.[1]

In 1912, the News merged with the Morning Leader, and was for a time known as the Daily News and Leader.[2] In 1928, it merged with the Westminster Gazette, and in 1930, with the Daily Chronicle to form the centre-left News Chronicle.[3]

The Wikipedia page is [1].


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