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St. Quintin Park and Wormwood Scrubs railway station, sometimes known simply as "Wormwood Scrubs station", was a station situated in North Pole Road, North Kensington on the West London Line. The station, constructed mostly of wood, opened on 1 August 1871, was moved a very short distance to the north in 1893, retaining its name, and closed in 1940 after wartime bomb damage.

Most electric trains on the West London Line stop near the site of the station to change current collection method as the line to the north is electrified by AC overhead wires and to the south by DC third rail. In February 2009 local authority leaders lobbied Government to provide a new station a short distance to the north of the disused one.

The Abandoned Stations page is [2] and the Disused Stations page [3].

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