Railway station in Travelcard Zone 4 opened 1839.

The Great Western Railway opened Southall railway station on 1 May 1839, nearly one year after it opened its first railway line on 4 June 1838, between London Paddington and Maidenhead Bridge (the latter now known as Taplow). In 1859 the Brentford Branch Line to Brentford Dock was opened for freight, a passenger service ran on the branch from 1860 until 1942, using the unnumbered platform at the south of the station (the line serving this platform is now only used as a relief line). From 1 March 1883 to 30 September 1885 (when the service was discontinued as uneconomic) the Metropolitan District Railway ran trains between Mansion House and Windsor which called at the station. The goods platforms opened as part of the original station and were closed and dismantled in 1967

More information on the Wikipedia page [1]

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