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Not to be confused with Shadwell Station.

Shadwell railway station was a railway station in the parish of St George in the East, London on the London and Blackwall Railway that is no longer open. It was situated 50 yards to the east of the present Shadwell station on the Docklands Light Railway, with the station entrance on Sutton Street (Shadwell DLR's entrance is on Watney Street). It was between Cannon Street Road and Stepney (now Limehouse) stations on the line.

Shadwell opened on 1 October 1840, three months after the opening of the rest of the L&BR. It was eventually incorporated into the London, Tilbury and Southend Railway, and was rebuilt in 1895 when the railway was widened to four tracks; Shadwell only served the slow lines on the south side. In 1900, the station was renamed Shadwell & St. Georges East, possibly to distinguish it from the East London Railway station of the same name.

Apart from a wartime closure between 1916 and 1919, remained open until 6 July 1941. Some remains of the station can still be seen today; the westbound platform has partially survived although it is quite dilapidated, and the red brick station entrance on Sutton Street still survives.

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