Conservative Party member of the Greater London Council: Redbridge 1964 – 1973; Wanstead and Woodford 1973 – March 31, 1986.

Chairman of the GLC 1971-72.

Committee Chair Ambulance 28 April 1970, Fire Brigade and Ambulance 2 May 1967-23 July 1968 (committee abolished), Fire Brigade 28 April 1970, Covent Garden Joint Development 13 September 1972. Professional and General Services 24 May 1977.

Mitchell was born in 1913 and was the managing director of an engineering group. He had swam for Great Britain in the Berlin Olympics of 1936 and the London Olympics of 1948.[1]

References and external linksEdit

  1. "Next GLC chairman is nominated". The Times: p. 5. 21 January 1971. 

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