Robert Lyon (1849-12 June 1904) was a businessman and politician.

Born in Camberwell, Lyon joined the family business of marine surveyors and salvage brokers, Robert Lyon & Co., based in Cornhill in the City of London.[1]

A long term resident of Peckham, in December 1888 he was chosen by the local Liberal and Radical Association to contest the first elections to the London County Council for the two-member Peckham electoral district.[2] He declared himself as being in favour of the county council taking control of the Metropolitan Police, markets and water supply.[3] He ran a joint campaign with Edwin Jones, owner of a department store, and both were elected, taking their seats as members of the majority Progressive Party.[4] Lyon became chairman of the council's Fire Brigade Committee.[5] Both Lyon and Jones held their seats at the subsequent elections in 1892 and 1895 before retiring from the council at the 1898 elections.[6]

Lyon died at his home, "Strathmore", St Mary's Road, Peckham in June 1904 after many years of illness, aged 54. He was buried at Nunhead Cemetery.[7]


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