Robert Freeman (c.1817 - 19 January 1887) was a local politician in the Kensington area.

A Liberal in politics, and taking a great interest in education, he became a vestryman in Kensington and in 1858 became one of the parish's representatives on the Metropolitan Board of Works, holding the seat until his death.

When the first London School Board was elected in 1870, he became one of the members for the Chelsea Division, which included Kensington. He was re-elected on four occasions and held the offices of chairman of the finance committee and vice chairman of the board.[1]

He died at his home at Earl's Terrace, Kensington in January 1887 aged 70.

Mention here [1]


  1. "Obituary". The Times: p. 6. 22 January 1887. 

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