Richard Collins (12 September 1906 - 1 December 1978) was a Labour Party councillor.

In 1964 he was elected to the newly-created Camden Borough Council as a councillor for Regent's Park Ward. At the next borough elections in 1968 he lost his seat to the Conservative Party. At the 1971 borough elections he comfortably regained the seat and was Mayor of Camden for 1973-1974. He was re-elected to the borough council in 1974.

In the meantime he had also become a member of the Greater London Council. He represented Camden from 1970-1973. He indicated that he would not stand for election to the GLC in 1973. In the event he was chosen as an alderman, sitting until 1977. In that year he was once again elected as a councillor to represent Holborn and St Pancras South. He died in office the following year.