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Richard Bartram (3 February 1843 - 7 December 1895) was a solicitor and Radical politician in the Islington area.

Born in Italy, he was the son of Cubbitt Engall Bartram and his wife Elizabeth nee Lettis of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.[1]

He established himself as a solicitor and a leading member of the Unitarian community in Islington, and a supporter of the Radical section of the Liberal Party.[2][3]

In 1894 he was elected to the London School Board, as one of the members representing Finsbury, taking his seat as a member of the Progressive Party.[2]

He died of liver cancer at his residence, "Fernlea", Kelross Road, Highbury on 7 December 1895, and was buried at Abney Park Cemetery.[1]

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