Mrs. Norah Cecil Runge (née Hasluck) (27 September 1884 - 6 June 1978) was a Conservative Party politician.

In 1906 she married Julius Joseph Runge. During the First World War she was superintendent of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Free Buffet at Paddington Station. She was awarded an OBE for this work in the 1918 New Years Honours.

At the 1931 general election she was elected member of parliament for Bermondsey, Rotherhithe, winning the seat from the Labour Party with a narrow majority of 130 votes. At the next election in 1935 she was unseated, with Labour regaining the seat easily.

She entered local government in 1937 when she was made an alderman on the London County Council as a member of the Municipal Reform Party, the Conservative-backed opposition group on the council. She was Deputy Chairman of the London County Council for 1951–1952. She remained a member of the county council until 1961.

Following her retirement from politics she managed an antique shop in Chelsea.


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