Railway station in Travelcard Zone 4 opened 1850.

The station first opened on 7 August 1850 as Colney Hatch station, the Great Northern Railway (GNR) having agreed to provide a station there for the benefit of the second Middlesex County Asylum being built at Colney Hatch at that time. There were several subsequent name changes: to Southgate and Colney Hatch on 1 February 1855; to New Southgate and Colney Hatch on 1 October 1876; to New Southgate for Colney Hatch on 1 March 1883; to New Southgate and Friern Barnet on 1 May 1923; and finally to New Southgate on 18 March 1971, or, as stated by other sources, on electrification of the line in 1976.

More information on the Wikipedia page [1].

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