Nathaniel William Hubbard (1846 - 20 November 1929) was a local politician.

Born in Brixton, he was the son of John Hubbard, a bricklayer. His father died when he was four years old, and by the age of nine he was earning money minding cows.

He married Matilda Parsons in 1867, and was resident in various parts of south London: Brixton, Clapham and West Norwood. He was employed as an insurance agent and later as a coal merchant. By 1911 he was described as a company director. He was a prominent member of the English League for the Taxation of Land Values and a active in the Temperance Movement and a brother in the Independent Order of Good Templars.

He was a Progressive Party member of the London County Council from 1889-1907: he was a councillor for Lambeth, Norwood fro 1889-95, as an alderman from 1895-1901 and as a councillor for Norwood again from 1901-07. A member of Lambeth Vestry he was elected to the successor Lambeth Borough Council to represent Herne Hill ward.

He died aged 83 at his home in West Norwood.

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