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The Museum of Croydon (formerly Croydon Lifetimes Museum) is a museum located inside the Croydon Clocktower arts facility. It is in Central Croydon, London Borough of Croydon. The museum is stated to be a lifetime museum, which showcases historical and stylish artifacts which were derived from the borough. The Museum is part of Croydon Council.

The museum opened on the second floor of the Croydon Clocktower in 2006 and entrance to the galleries is free. Many of the exhibitions at the museum are hands on.

The Museum of Croydon has a varying range of different aspects of the history of Croydon and the surrounding areas.

The museum even includes things that the local IKEA in Purley Way sold when it first opened, such as furniture and the well-known catalogs.

It also contains rare artefacts from the local football club, Crystal Palace, such as Peter Taylor's contract.

They also have exhibitions for young people to voice and direct their opinion, so many other people can come and see their work.

In December 2009, the Museum was awarded official recognition by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council - showing that the museum management of its collections had met national standards, as well as the facilities that it provides for visitors.

The official website is [2]

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