Muriel Rose Forbes (née Cheeseright) (20 April 1894-18 April 1991) was a school teacher and Labour Party politician active in north west London.

Born in Gateshead, Cheeseright trained at Southlands Teacher Training College in south west London. She married Charles Gilbert Forbes in 1923.

From 1936-47 she was a member of Willesden Borough Council from 1936-47 and of Middlesex County Council from 1934-65, serving as chairman of the county council in 1960-61. On the abolition of the the Middlesex County Council she became a member of the successor Greater London Council, representing the London Borough of Brent, which included Willesden, from 1964-67. She was later an alderman on Brent Council from 1972-74, when the office was abolished. She was awarded the CBE in 1963.

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