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Armorial bearings granted to the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of Beddington and Wallington by letters patent dated 3 July 1937

Beddington and Wallington
was, from 1915 to 1965, a local government district in north east Surrey. It formed part of the London suburbs, lying within the Metropolitan Police District and the London Passenger Transport Area. In 1965 it was abolished on the creation of Greater London.

On 1 April 1915 the two parishes of Beddington and Wallington, previously administered as part of Croydon Rural District, became Beddington and Wallington Urban District.

In 1937 the urban district was granted a charter of incorporation to become the Municipal Borough of Beddington and Wallington.

On 1 April 1965 it was abolished when its area was included in the larger London Borough of Sutton.


In 1965 the Medical Officer of Health gave the following description of the borough in his final report:

The Borough is bounded on the east by the County Borough of Croydon, to the north by the Borough of Mitcham, to the west by the Carshalton Urban District, and to the south by the Urban District of Coulsdon and Purley.

During the 28 years of existence, the Borough has shown very considerable development. The mainly residential character has been maintained and expanded, mostly in the southern part. The centre of the town in recent years, however, has shown a newer type of residential development with the introduction of blocks of flats. Reorganised shop centres are under construction and there has also been an expansion of office accommodation. While the town can be described as in part a London dormitory, there is much more employment available locally. Factories in the Borough provide employment for some 10,000 people, these being situated mostly in the northern part of the Borough.

New development is contemplated on the site of the former Croydon Aerodrome. A very comprehensive plan has been approved and it is hoped in a few years to see a completely developed new area comprising houses, schools, shops and offices.

The pleasing residential character of the district is well maintained and is much appreciated by many City workers, who return home to pleasant relaxation in their gardens and allotments in the evenings.

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