Margaret Mary "Maye" Dilke (née Smith) (4 September 1857 - 19 May 1914) was a campaigner for women's suffrage.

The daughter of Thomas Eustace Smith, ship-owner and Liberal Party member of parliament, she was born in Hampton, Middlesex, but spent her childhood in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. before being educated as a schoolmistress in France.

In 1876 she married Ashton Wentworth Dike, son of Sir Charles Wentworth Dilke, 1st Baronet. He was Liberal MP for Newcastle and a supporter of women's suffrage. He died in March 1883.

In 1878 she became a member of the National Society for Women's Suffrage. She was later appointed to the society's executive committee. In 1888 the society split and she joined the National Central Society for Women's Suffrage becoming treasurer in 1896. In the following year the split of 1888 was ended with the formation of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies.

She served a single three-year term as a member of the London School Board, representing Lambeth West 1888-1891.

In September 1891 she married William Russell Cooke. Cooke was a solicitor and legal advisor to the Liberal Party. Widowed a second time in 1903, she moved to the Isle of Wight. She became a co-opted member of the Isle of Wight County Council's education committee.


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