Mair Eluned Garside (nee Rees) was a Labour Party politician.

Born August 1931 in Neath. Married Hugh G Garside (1928-1993) in Bridgend, Glamorgan in 1954. Died 28 April 2018

By 1956 she and her husband were living in a flat in Warwick Square in the Victoria area of Westminster.

Labour Party member of the London County Council 1958-61 Woolwich West Labour Party member of the Greater London Council: Greenwich 1970 – 1973; Woolwich East 1973 – March 31, 1986.

A member of Westminster City Council from 1996-1998 representing Millbank Ward. Her husband was also a member of Westminster Council.

Chairman of the Inner London Education Authority Subcommitee [1].

Member of Peabody Community Foundation [2].

In 1994 she unveiled a plaque on Garside House. [3]

More details here [4].

Her election agent was Ashley Bramall.

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