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The eighth election to the School Board for London was held on Thursday, 26 November 1891.

The electorate included all ratepayers, including women, who were entitled to vote in vestry elections, and women could also be members.

The County of London was divided into eleven divisions for the election of school board members: each division returned between four and seven members depending on population.  The total size of the board was 55 members.

Each voter had a number of votes equal to the number of seats in the division. The voter was free to allocate the votes between the candidates in any way they wished. Where an elector gave all of his votes to a single candidate this was known as "plumping", and was seen as a way of ensuring representation of minority religious denominations. Voting was by secret ballot, with the exception of the City of London, where open voting was used.


By the time of the eighth election, the majority party were the Moderate Party, also known as the Church Party: in favour of providing elementary education, "economy" or low rates, bible teaching in schools and the toleration of voluntary schools provided by various Christian denominations.

In opposition to them were the Progressive Party, also known as the "Advanced" Party, who had held control of the board from 1870-1885. The party's candidates were supporters of free, compulsory and non-sectarian education, manual and physical training, the provision of secondary schools, swimming pools and gynasiums, free school meals and the direct employment oof labour. In general the candidates supporting the board's policy received the support of the Conservative Party organisation, while the Progressives were aligned with the Liberal Party and Labour organisations.

The "Moderate" and "Progressive" party labels were also adopted by the two parties on the London County Council, following the first election to the body in January 1889.

There were also some independent candidates.[1]


Successful candidates are shown in bold type. Members of the outgoing board have an asterisk next to their name.

City of London (4 members)Edit

Candidate Description and notes Number of votes received Party
Sir Richard Temple, Bt.* Member of Parliament, Former Governor of the Bombay Presidency 10,391 Moderate Party
Sir Joseph Savory* Silversmith, former Lord Mayor 10,249 Moderate Party
Rosamond Davenport-Hill* Spinster 6,193 Progressive Party
Walter Henry Key Wholesale meat and poultry merchant 4,856 Independent Economist
Reverend Robert Henry Hadden* Vicar of St Botolph, Aldgate 4,465 Progressive Party
Henry Clench Retired banker 97 Independent

Chelsea (5 members)Edit

Candidate Description and notes Number of votes received Party
Thomas Huggett Gentleman, retired builder 15,423 Moderate Party
John Athelstan Laurie Riley Vice-president of the Church Union 14,248 Moderate Party
Frederick Davies Tea broker 13,513 Moderate Party
Professor John Hall Gladstone* Fellow of the Royal Society. 13,294 Progressive Party
George White* Barrister 8,988 Independent Progressive
Frederick Walton Atkinson Solicitor 8,581 Roman Catholic
Reverend George William Gent* Principal of St Mark's College, Chelsea 8,486 Moderate Party
Thomas King Carpenter 7,114
Reverend Thomas Davies Congregational Minister 8,656 Progressive Party

Finsbury (6 members)Edit

Candidate Description and notes Number of votes received Party
George Benson Clough Barrister 14,680 Moderate Party
Thomas Smith Advertising agent 11,931 Progressive Party
James John Stockall Watchmaker 10,690 Progressive Party
Margaret Anne Eve 10,642 Progressive Party
James Wilson Sharp * Wine merchant 10,599 Moderate Party
William Roston Bourke * Principal of Holloway College. 9,080 Moderate Party
Robert Forder Bookseller 8,943 Progressive Party
Reverend John Henry Rose* Vicar of St James, Clerkenwell 6,846 Moderate Party
Alfred Back Barrister 5,233
Alfred George Cook* Printer 4,227 Progressive Party
Thomas Francis Stonelake Stationer 1,329 Moderate Party
J G Ponder Auctioneer and valuer 633
Samuel Pimlett "Working man" 285
J A Chapman Merchant tailor 275
G H Baker Ex-schoolmaster 147
William Bishop Inventor and manufacturer 146 Independent

Greenwich (4 members)Edit

Candidate Description and notes Votes Party
Reverend Richard Rhodes Bristow* Vicar of St Stephen, Lewisham 14,913
Reverend William Blackmore* Vicar of St Augustine, Grove Park 12,530
Reverend John Wilson* Baptist minister 11,818 Progressive Party
Henry Gover * Solicitor 10,864 Progressive Party
Sydney Dillon Shallard Clerk 10,109
John Wilde Pensioner 742
Alfred Arthur Knight Gentleman 276

Hackney (5 members)Edit

Candidate Description and notes Number of votes received Party
John Lobb * Newspaper proprietor and editor. 14,054 Moderate Party
John Charles Horobin Principal of Homerton College. 12,951 Progressive Party
Francis Howse Solicitor 12,558 Moderate Party
Reverend Benjamin Meredyth Kitson* Vicar of All Saints, Clapton 12,421 Moderate Party
Stewart Duckworth Headlam* Clerk in holy orders 13,236 Progressive Party
James Carter Hart * Boot manufacturer 10,117 Progressive Party

Lambeth East (4 members)Edit

Candidate Description and notes Number of votes received Party
Reverend Andrew Augustus Wild Drew Vicar of St Antholin's, Nunhead. 9,589 Moderate Party
John Gerard Laing* Barrister 8,614 Moderate Party
George Crispe Whiteley* Barrister 6,807 Progressive Party
Lord Sandhurst 6,023 Progressive Party
Reverend Oliver Mitchell* Vicar of All Saints, Walworth 5,901 Independent
Reverend George Walter Keesey Congregational minister 5,828 Progressive Party
Griffiths Gibbon Shopfitter 5,780 Progressive Party
C F Cooper Journalist 1,137 Socialist and Secularist
Reverend Lewis Lewis Curate at St Bartholomew, Camberwell 1,037 Independent

Lambeth West (6 members)Edit

Candidate Description and notes Number of votes received Party
Reverend Allen Edwards jnr. Vicar of All Saints, South Lambeth 21,660 Moderate Party
Reverend William Hamilton Baptist minister 20,985 Progressive Party
John Sinclair Journalist 18,156 Progressive Party
William Henry Kidson Chartered accountant 16,446 Moderate Party
Reverend Thomas Birkett Dover Vicar of St Agnes, Kennington 13,733 Moderate Party
Henry Lynn * Barrister 13,721 Independent Progressive
Louisa Temple Mallett 13,319 Progressive Party
Harry Benyon Rogers Barge builder 11,993
James Thomas Helby * Gentleman 10,453 Moderate Party
Reverend Hubert Curtis * Vicar of the Church of the Ascension, Balham Hill. 7,371 Moderate Party
Reverend Patrick Watson Clerk in Holy Orders, former vicar of Christ Church, Battersea 4,861 Independent
Frederick Maskrey House and estate agent, assistant superintendent of the United Juvenile Order of the Total Abstinent Sons of the Phoenix 678 Independent
Robert Wilson Photographic engraver 542

Marylebone (7 members)Edit

Candidate Description and notes Number of votes received Party
Major General Francis John Moberly* Former army officer. 17,864 Moderate Party
Reverend Charles John Ridgeway Vicar of Christchurch, Lancaster Gate 17,649 Moderate Party
Joseph Robert Diggle* Clerk in holy orders. 16,821 Moderate Party
Reverend John James Coxhead* Vicar of St John's, Fitzroy Square 18,222 Moderate Party
Sir William Cameron Gull Barrister 15,426 Moderate Party
Hon. Edward Lyulph Stanley Barrister 14,344 Progressive Party
Edmund Barnes* Retired teacher 14,219 Independent Progressive
Frederick Charles Baum Secretary of the Paddington Liberal Association 12,414 Labour candiidate
Herbert Henry Raphael* Barrister 11,481 Independent Progressive
Emma Knox Maitland* 11,302 Progressive Party
John Leighton Artist 2,529

Southwark (4 members)Edit

Candidate Description and notes Number of votes received Party
Reverend Father Edmund Buckley* Roman Catholic priest 7,772
John Molesworth Thomas Dumphreys Leather dresser 5,791 Labour Progressive
Reverend John Charles Carlile Non-conformist Minister 5,625 Progressive Party
Reverend William Copeland Bowie* Congregational minister 5,327 Progressive Party
Reverend William Arthur Corbett* Vicar of St Stephen, Southwark 4,921 Moderate Party
Henry Quelch Labourer 2,203 Social Democratic Federation
T B Green Publisher of thrift literature 160

Tower Hamlets (5 members)Edit

Candidate Description and notes Number of votes received Party
Ruth Homan 14,257 Progressive Party
George Lewis Bruce Law student 12,866 Independent Progressive
Reverend Rowland Taylor Plummer Vicar of St Paul, Stepney 11,494 Moderate Party
Reverend Edward Schnadhorst Congregational minister 10,083 Progressive Party
Cyril Jackson Secretary to Childrens' Country Holiday Fund 9,637 Moderate Party
Frederick Joseph White Dellow* Cotton waste merchant 9,355 Moderate Party
Lieutenant-Colonel Lenox Prendergast* Retired army officer. Roman Catholic. 8,900
Reverend John Fletcher Porter* Primitive Methodist Minister 6,770 Progressive Party

Westminster (5 members)Edit

Candidate Description and notes Number of votes received Party
Lord Colchester Peer 10,652 Moderate Party
Major-GeneralCharles Alexander Sim Retired officer of the Royal Engineers (Madras) 10,254 Moderate Party
David Laing Builder 9,284 Moderate Party
William Winnett Glass Merchant. 9,219 Moderate Party
Harry Nelson Bowman Spink Chemist 9,126 Progressive Party
Reverend Arnold Whitaker Oxford* Vicar of St Philips's, Regent Street 8,485 Progressive Party
Matilda Maud Evans Widow 2,073
Frederick William Gibbs Queen's counsel 1,070
Edward Keeston Colvill Gentleman 1,063

Co-options to 1894Edit

The school board elected in 1891 had a three-year term of office. Under the terms of Section 44 of the Elementary Education Act 1876 casual vacancies occurring in the membership of school boards due to death or resignation were filled by co-option. Where a vacancy occurred the sitting members nominated a candidate or candidates. Where there was only one nomination, they were automatically co-opted. Where there was more than one candidate, the vacancy was filled by a vote of the entire board.

There were three co-options during the term of the eighth school board.

Lambeth East (13 July 1893)Edit

Resignation of Sandhurst.

Candidate Description and notes Nominated and seconded by Votes received Party
Patrick Herbert White Barrister 28 Moderate Party
Reverend George Walter Keesey Congregational Minister 20 Progressive Party

Westminster (13 July 1893)Edit

Resignation of Spink.

Candidate Description and notes Nominated and seconded by Votes received Party
Alice Mary Wright Mrs Frank Loftus Wright Charles Alexander Sim, Rowland Taylor Plummer 28 Moderate Party
Reverend Arnold Whitaker Oxford Vicar of St Philips's, Regent Street Hon. Edward Lyulph Stanley, Stewart Duckworth Headlam 19 Progressive Party

City of London (25 October 1894)Edit

Resignation of Temple.

Candidate Description and notes Nominated and seconded by Votes received Party
Duke of Newcastle Walter Henry Key, Sir Joseph Savory Unopposed Moderate Party


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