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Alternate Name(s) -
Area 115.70km² (44.7sq mi)
Population 250,700
PostCode -
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Bordering Boroughs Harrow

The London Borough of Hillingdon is the westernmost borough in Greater London, England. It is home to Brunel University and Heathrow Airport.


The borough was formed in 1965 from the Municipal Borough of Uxbridge, Hayes and Harlington Urban District, Ruislip-Northwood Urban District and Yiewsley and West Drayton Urban District of Middlesex.

The councils involved were initially unable to decide upon a name, with Keith Joseph suggesting to provide the name 'Uxbridge' for the borough in October 1963, later revised to Hillingdon.

Parks and open spacesEdit

The London Borough of Hillingdon is responsible for 239 parks and open spaces within its boundaries. Since much of the area is within the Green Belt, and as it is one of the least densely populated of all the London boroughs, there are large areas of land properly called open space. They range in size from the Colne Valley corridor to the smallest gardens and playing fields.


It includes the areas:

The borough also includes RAF Northolt.

Some information on the history of local government in the borough is here [

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