The Honourable Lionel George William Guest (16 November 1880 - 27 September 1935) was a businessman and politician.

The fourth son of Baron Wimborne, he was born at Wimborne House in the St James's district of Westminster.

Following education at Eton and the Universities of Glasgow and Cambridge he entered business, working in financial management in Canada from 1901-11. In 1905 he married Flora Bigelow, daughter of a former US ambassador to Paris.

In 1914, on the outbreak of war, he entered the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. In 1916 he transferred to the new Royal Flying Corps. Demobilised in 1918, he was awarded the OBE for his war service.

After the war he became a director of a number of companies. He was also a trained locomotive driver, and was given charge of trains on the Great Eastern Railway during the Great Strike.

From 1928-31 he was a Municipal Reform Party member of the London County Council, representing Stepney, Mile End.

An enthusiastic astronomer, he was elected a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1929.

He died at his home in Sussex after a long illness, aged 54.

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