Sir Leicester Paul Beaufort (13 December 1853 - 12 August 1926), was a barrister and colonial governor of North Borneo.[1][2]

Beaufort was the second son of the Reverend Daniel Augustus Beaufort of Cheshire and his wife Emily Newel, daughter of a former Governor of Hong Kong.[3]

Beaufort was educated at Westminster School and the University of Oxford.[2] He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in 1879.[2][3] In 1883 he married Edith Mary Griffith, daughter of an Anglican clergyman.[2][3] In 1888 he was elected to the London School Board as one of the representatives of Greenwich.[4]

He resigned from the school board in January 1889 when he left England for a career in colonial administration in British North Borneo and Northern Rhodesia.[1][3] He retired in 1918, moving in Cape Colony.[1][3] He was knighted in 1919.[1][3][5]

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