Kew Railway Bridge
Kew Railway Bridge
Carries North London Line
District Line
Maintained by Network Rail
Design Lattice girder
Total Length
Clearance Below
Opening Date 1869

Kew Railway Bridge spans the River Thames between Kew and Strand-on-the-Green, Chiswick. The bridge was designed by W.R. Galbraith and built by Brassey & Ogilvie for the London and South Western Railway. The bridge is part of an extension to the latter company's railway line from Acton Junction to Richmond. The bridge was opened in 1869 and consists of 5 wrought iron lattice girder spans of 35 metres each. The cast iron piers are decorated in three stages and can be seen from inside a passing train.

The bridge carries 2 tracks which are electrified with both third rail and London Underground style fourth rail. It is now owned by Network Rail and used by North London Line passenger trains running between Richmond and Stratford. The same tracks are also used by London Underground's District Line trains running between Richmond and Upminster.

In The Dalek Invasion of Earth, an episode of the BBC's Doctor Who, the TARDIS materializes under the Kew Railway Bridge, where it is subsequently trapped when the bridge collapses.

The bridge was given Grade II listed structure protection in 1983.

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