Joseph Beck (1828 - 18 April 1891) was an optical instrument maker and politician.[1][2][3]

Beck was born in Stamford Hill in north London.[4] Following an apprenticeship, in 1851 he joined the partnership of Smith & Beck, with his brother Richard Beck (1827-1866) and James Smith (died 1870).[5] The company was renamed Smith, Beck & Beck in 1854 and became R & J Beck when Smith retired in 1865.[6]

The company manufactured various optical instruments including microscopes, telescopes, optometer lenses, camera lenses and cameras.[6] Based in the City of London, by 1861 the business employed 40 men and 35 boys and girls.[5]

Beck made his home at Albion Road, Stoke Newington.[2][4]

An active member of the Conservative Party and of the Primrose League, in 1873 Beck was elected to the City of London Corporation as a common councilman for Cornhill Ward.[7] He remained a member of the corporation until his death, at which time he was the Chief Commoner of the City.[1] In 1885 he was a made a Deputy Lieutenant for the City.[8]

When the first London County Council elections were held in January 1889, Beck was nominated to contest the Hackney North Division. Although he described himself as "non-political", Beck was supported by the local Conservative Association of which he was a prominent member. He was elected, and took his seat as a member of the Moderate Party, who formed the opposition group on the council.[9]

Beck was a tireless campaigner for the opening of Clissold Park as a public open space. When the park was officially opened in July 1889 he officiated along with Lord Rosebery, Chairman of the London County Council.[10]

Joseph Beck died of pneumonia at his home in Stoke Newington in April 1891, aged 62.[1][2]


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