John Smith (c.1849 - 30 October 1907) was a sail-maker and local politician.

Born in Scotland, he was the son of William Smith and Catherine née Macintosh.

His father, a sail-maker moved to Poplar in the East End of London. He eventually moved the family home out to Chadwell Heath, retaining his business.

When his father retired John took over the business with a warehouse at Pinchin Street, St George in the East, which became Messrs., J Smith & Co. His sons became partners in the firm.

He entered local politics as a Progressive Party member of the London County Council representing Tower Hamlets, St George's in the East from 1901 until he lost his seat in 1907.

He died aged 58 and was buried in the City of London Cemetery, Ilford.


  • "Chadwell Heath". Essex County Chronicle: p. 8. 8 November 1907. 

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