Reverend Dr. John Scott Lidgett (10 August 1854 – 16 June 1953) was a Methodist minister, educationist and local politician.

Born in Lewisham, he graduated from University College London in 1874, later being awarded a degree of Doctor of Divinity.

In 1892 he founded and was the warden of the Bermondsey Settlement, a Methodist institution that provided shelter and education to the local poor.

He was a member of the London School Board for Southwark 1897-1904.

Following the abolition of the school board Lidgett was elected to the London County Council elected in 1910 and 1913 Southwark (Rotherhithe) and in 1919 for Bermondsey Rotherhithe, afterwards serving as alderman until 1928.

He was leader of the opposition Progressive Party on the council from 1918-28.

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