John O'Neill Ryan (20 January 1910 - 5 May 1972) was a Labour Party politician active in the Paddington area. He was a a member of both Paddington Borough Council and the London County Council and treasurer of the North Paddington Constituency Labour Party.[1]

He represented Paddington North on the LCC from 1952-61, and was Vice Chairman of London County Council for 1956-57.

Biographical informationEdit

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Born in Upper Lehigh, Pennsylvania, USA around 1909 and always known as Jack, he moved with his mother, Anastasia and father, John, brothers Edward Joseph and Oliver back to the original family home of Glen Alto just outside Waterford in Eire, now the Republic of Ireland. Later the family moved to Upper Kilmacow and from there Jack moved to London where he lived with his wife Kathleen, Son Tony and daughter Pamela just off the Harrow Road. A sister, Etty, died young at age 14 but Jack, Joe, Oliver and younger sister Madelaine all moved to the UK and each pursued successful careers in a number of wildly different areas of Industry, Business and Politics.


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