Born Joannes Maria Aemilius, 13 August 1872, Switzerland, died 14 September 1929.

Chairman London County Council 1927 – 1928.

Anglo-Swiss theatre manager and businessman.

The Gatti family had large business interests in Westminster – theatres, café-restaurants and the Charing Cross and Strand Electricity Supply Corporation Limited. Business interests led to involvement in local government.

1903 elected to Westminster City Council, Charing Cross Ward; Moderate Party. Mayor of Westminster 1911-12.

1918 co-opted onto London County Council as Municipal Reform Party Councillor, Strand division; after WWI elected for Westminster Abbey division, holding the seat until he died. Chairman LCC finance committee for 6 years.

Articles in Wikipedia [1], Dictionary of National Biography, The Times 16 September 1929 p 4.

Some information on the family here [2].

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