Born 30 April 1834, died 28 May 1913. 1st Baron Avebury.

Major involvement in establishing archaeology as a discipline, promoting evolution etc. Wrote standard book on archaeology of time. Held a number of academic posts. 1870 elected MP for Maidstone. Responsible for 1871 Bank Holidays Act and 1882 Ancient Monuments Act.

  • 1879 First president of the Institute of Bankers.
  • Jan 1884 founded Proportional Representation Society – later Electoral Reform Society. Trustee of British Museum.
  • 1888-92 President of London Chamber of Commerce.

Bought site of Avebery. Member of the Spelling Reform Association (later Simplified Spelling Society). HM Lieutenant for the City of London, President Linnaean Society. Second wife daughter of Pitt-Rivers the archaeologist.

Member of the Moderate Party in the London County Council representing the City of London 1889-92 and as an alderman 1892-1898.

Articles in Wikipedia [1] and entries in Who’s Who and Kelly’s.

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