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John Lowles (1850 - 1903) was a businessman and Conservative Party politician.[1]

The son of George Lowles of Frant, near Tunbridge Wells, Kent, he entered business as a wholesale tea merchant.[1] He married his cousin, Agnes Westoby in 1871, and by 1880 he was living in Stamford Hill in north London, and was a leading member of the Hackney Conservative Club.[1][2] In 1882 he unsuccessfully stood for election to the London School Board.[3] He became President of the Hackney Conservative Union, representing the party at meetings with the boundary commissioners appointed under the Redistribution of Seats Act 1885.[4]

When the first elections to the London County Council were held in January 1889, Lowles was nominated by the Conservatives to contest the Hackney Central Division.[5] He was elected, serving three years as a member of the Conservative-backed Moderate Party that formed the opposition group.[6] He was defeated at the next council elections in 1892, when the Liberal-backed Progressive Party increased the size of its majority.[1]

At the 1895 general election Lowles stood for election to the House of Commons as Conservative candidate at Shoreditch, Haggerston. He unseated the sitting Liberal Party member of parliament, Randal Cremer [1] by the small margin of 31 votes. Cremer submitted an election petition to overturn the result, but following a recount Lowles was confirmed elected with an increased majority of 40 votes.[7][8] Cremer returned to the courts alleging that Lowles was guilty of "treating", but his second petition was dismissed in February 1896.[9] When the next general election was held in 1900, Cremer regained the Haggerston seat by a majority of 34 votes.[10] Lowles promptly issued legal proceedings against Cremer for libel over statements made during the campaign, and was awarded damages of £750 in June 1901.[11]


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