Jane Phillips (née Eyre) (13 November 1919 – 30 July 1999) was an art patron and Labour Party politician.

The daughter of John Eyre and his second wife Hester née Reynolds, she spent much of her youth in Italy and Switzerland. She married an Australian, Ian L Phillips in 1943 and during the Second World War worked as a private secretary to Clement Attlee, then Deputy Prime Minister.

Attlee encouraged her to enter politics, and she was elected to the London County Council (LCC) as a councillor representing Hammersmith North in 1949. She held the seat until the county council's abolition in 1965. She was elected to the Greater London Council, successor to the LCC in 1964 as a representative of Hammersmith. She lost her at the 1967 GLC elections when the Conservative Party gained control.

A governor of St Martin's School of Art, in 1953 she and her husband commissioned Graham Sutherland to paint a portrait of her close friend, Edward Sackville-West, 5th Baron Sackville.


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