James Stiff (9 November 1808 – 18 May 1897) was a potter and local politician in the Lambeth area.

Stiff was born in Suffolk, and moved to the Lambeth area of London where he worked in the Coade Stone factory and later as a mould maker at Doulton and Watts' Pottery.[1] In 1842 he established his own pottery business in Ferry Street, Lambeth, which eventually became James Stiff and Sons in 1863.

When the Metropolis Management Act 1855 created the first elected local authorities in London, Stiff was elected to the Lambeth Vestry.[2]

When the first London School Board was formed in 1870, he was elected as one of the representatives for the Lambeth Division, and was re-elected on three occasions, retiring from the board in 1882.

Wikipedia page [1] refers.


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